Monday, November 29, 2010

picture of a mad 2

Madness can be beautiful… when it’s not causeless, and the beauty of it depends on the beauty of the cause that maddens… a beautiful desire, a beautiful person, a beautiful dream or a beautiful dream world; they change the mind, mutate it… grab your saneness, rule your senses and lend you as a forlorn to wander in the world searching a dream world, breaking all the rules of a normal person… you search your dream even when you look into the mirror, alas! You can’t even understand that you’re no more a wise person, a person you were before that small accident… and people call you as insane or as a mad… but… but oh poor haunted soul, have you ever noticed that… that your madness has added lots of grace to your face? Trust me; this madness is the most effective beautifying treatment (Though it can cost you your life… but who cares about life in the midst of this madness?). Yeah, madness can be beautiful…

Saturday, November 20, 2010

When a human ages…

Swollen legs
And shrunken eyes
Can you believe…
I was a king in my times?

Senses severed,
Joints tortured,
Fighting with arthritis
And I can’t remember things
Can you believe…
I was a ruler of minds?

Struggling for my aims,
Living in my dreams,
Loving, teasing, playing and winning
… Losing my heart,
Can you believe…
I was very smart?

Now the heart is damaged,
And my pride injured,
The king of then,
Is now no more!
Now I’m a loser,
Time did this slaughter
… And I got sacrificed
Can you believe…
The power I have enjoyed?

Once a divine beauty,
I’ve lost my vanity
I have no powers,
No aims, no dreams,
I do survive, but…
With no hopes!
I’ve lost everything
This is time’s victory,
But… but you have to believe,
I still… still have a story!!!