Monday, August 11, 2014

I exist beyond my mind...

Like a feather
Having a weightless flight
I find myself
Enjoying my life
Free and energetic
Like breeze of the wind
It’s so easy
Reaching the heights

No seriousness
No worries and stresses
I’m an ocean
Filled completely with joy

No past grudges
No future plans
I relax             
As this moment is mine

No ambitions
No causes to fight for
I’m a traveler
Enjoying trip of this life

Like a baby
Carefree and curious
I’m here
Only to play my part

No expectations
No demands and norms
I’m happy
With who I am

No obsessions
No needs to cry for
Chasing is over
 I'm not attached

I was waiting, for this moment to arrive
Finally, I’m completely out of my mind…
 … It’s not that I’ve gone mad,                 
But I realize that I exist beyond my mind…