Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why you believe in true love

Their smile
Is a breeze from the heavens
Their every word, their every act
Are special treasures you value a lot

They’re so comforting
That with them, you forget all your stress
Even if they challenge you sometimes,
You seek for their presence

They’re very charming
Make you forget all past pains
You can’t judge them
To you, Even their sneeze is a sweet poem

They may not be perfect,
But you know they always try their best
You support their choices,
No matter how unique are their tastes

You surrender to them
Let down all your defenses,
Become so open
That all boundaries are erased

You try hard
To keep their secrets,
Even their tiniest funny stories,
You won’t tell anyone else

You feel protective,
Can’t see them hurt,
You enjoy working hard,
If it helps them…

They become your best friend,
And your sweetheart
You accept them
The way they are

You feel loved
Relaxed like a child
Like a creative confident baby
You begin to embrace the life

You feel you’re born for them
You’ll die for them
No matter what they do,
You know, you won’t give up on them

There’s a reason,
Why you believe in true love,
You might not remember in details
But you have made a deal with someone
Who was born with you,
Who’ll die with you,
No matter where you go,
Who always belongs with you…

There’s a person,
You’re married to since before you were born
Honey, you’re the person
You always dream about

Hug yourself,
Adore yourself,
You’re your eternal love
Celebrate yourself

You’re your first love
You’re your soulmate
Fill yourself with your love,
And then let the love radiate