Friday, October 3, 2014

when the past gets undone

How I don’t know, but a magical moment arrived
Like an eraser to wipe out years from my life
Cobwebs disappeared, the tangles got solved
Things got unlearned, as my past got undone

Now I look into the mirror
And see a baby full of wonders
Free of responsibilities and worries
Surrounded in warmth, completely assured

To me, things happen on their own
My job is to play around… and have fun
I don’t care what people call me
They’ve to respect my rules, to be with me

Innocent inexperienced happy child
Unexposed to harsh realities of adult life
Immersed constantly in love and joy
I don’t know how hatred feels like

I’ve enthusiasm, the will to find out
And the freedom to quit the game, when I get bored
No ambitions, no big dreams
I play to enjoy just this moment of my life

Mirror says then, “wait a minute dear,
Your image doesn’t fit into expected baby’s picture.”
I answer, “that’s the point my friend,
From all expected norms, I’ve got divorced.”

“But usually babies don’t look like this.”
It continues to complain…
“Maybe usually they don’t,” I say…
 “but they do at this moment.”