Thursday, July 2, 2015

To the heart,

Oh heart,
Why are you so strange?
Mind your ideas,
Are you insane??

You’re naked
Have no walls armies or defenses
Open to everything
Yet immune to getting bruises

You’re very strong
But have no weapons
How can you always succeed
Without fights dramas or stress?

You can’t calculate,
Can’t understand logic,
How come your estimations
Are always accurate?
You can’t understand strategies,
 Can’t make plans,
You’re too na├»ve
Yet the best advisor I have

You’ve no emotions, no pains,
No intelligence, no brains
The only force you possess, the only tool
Is love
Unbiased, nonsense, pure and strange

How can this tool
Possess so much power
That everything else I have
Prefer to just surrender??

You know no boundaries,
no limitations,
Unable to understand the pathways
How do you know the magical doorways?

How can you produce
These fountains of joy…
Intoxicating me
Giving me the ‘high’?

Dissolving my sense of future,
Erasing illusions of the past,
You bring me in this sweet unending moment,
Filled with strange unexplainable joy

My strength, my motivation
My energy, my passion
Oh heart, thank you for being so strange
Love your ideas, you’re simply great!