Sunday, May 11, 2014

The story of life...

There comes a time when we believe in everything,
When skepticism falls, the heart sees better things

Fairy tales happen here, not in some different world
We can sense them, if we change our angle

Miracles are part of everyday life
Keep smiling, maybe it’s happening right now

Angels and witches aren’t some myth,
Look with mind’s eye, they do come handy

Spells work, things do get transformed
Curses are there, but remedies are nice

Flowers sing and they ooze smile
Gentle breeze can be the musician of the mind

There exists the stream of endless joy
And the trigger bringing it to the outside

Villains come, but with big weak points
Just kill that bird and happy ending arrives

No wounded healers, no sad knights
Remember, we’re the princesses or princes of our lives

Story of life is really interesting… Have patience,
Who knows, right now the climax may be happening…