Friday, October 3, 2014

when the past gets undone

How I don’t know, but a magical moment arrived
Like an eraser to wipe out years from my life
Cobwebs disappeared, the tangles got solved
Things got unlearned, as my past got undone

Now I look into the mirror
And see a baby full of wonders
Free of responsibilities and worries
Surrounded in warmth, completely assured

To me, things happen on their own
My job is to play around… and have fun
I don’t care what people call me
They’ve to respect my rules, to be with me

Innocent inexperienced happy child
Unexposed to harsh realities of adult life
Immersed constantly in love and joy
I don’t know how hatred feels like

I’ve enthusiasm, the will to find out
And the freedom to quit the game, when I get bored
No ambitions, no big dreams
I play to enjoy just this moment of my life

Mirror says then, “wait a minute dear,
Your image doesn’t fit into expected baby’s picture.”
I answer, “that’s the point my friend,
From all expected norms, I’ve got divorced.”

“But usually babies don’t look like this.”
It continues to complain…
“Maybe usually they don’t,” I say…
 “but they do at this moment.”

Monday, August 11, 2014

I exist beyond my mind...

Like a feather
Having a weightless flight
I find myself
Enjoying my life
Free and energetic
Like breeze of the wind
It’s so easy
Reaching the heights

No seriousness
No worries and stresses
I’m an ocean
Filled completely with joy

No past grudges
No future plans
I relax             
As this moment is mine

No ambitions
No causes to fight for
I’m a traveler
Enjoying trip of this life

Like a baby
Carefree and curious
I’m here
Only to play my part

No expectations
No demands and norms
I’m happy
With who I am

No obsessions
No needs to cry for
Chasing is over
 I'm not attached

I was waiting, for this moment to arrive
Finally, I’m completely out of my mind…
 … It’s not that I’ve gone mad,                 
But I realize that I exist beyond my mind…

Monday, July 28, 2014

the passion for this life...

There comes a moment in life, when we quit everything, we drop all our needs, and get away from all attachments… it’s the moment when we become aware, when we get to know ourselves. When we sense our completeness, our fullness, when we surrender to our higher self, the moment becomes life, it becomes eternal, when the sense of past seems like a small script in some story and future an illusion. Things or circumstances or even people just become incapable of making us happy or sad or worried, when we sense the endless joy at our core occupying all our presence. The presence expands then to involve everything in the universe within itself, and the sense of oneness gives stability to the mind.

On the verge of being dissolved, the identity calls us back to the separated existence—small little name, a body, a bunch of experiences and some relations… this separated existence too then makes sense, maybe there’s some purpose for this life experience. Desires are there but no needs, dreams are there but no compulsions, love is there but no attachments, overwhelming passion is there for creating something from this human existence, but there’s no stress. A calmness, stillness, assurance and contentment fill the mind; the heart lights up and shows the pathway. Our job is then to follow the directions, and just have some courage to be ourselves.

There’s a reason for this life experience, and the universe cares a lot about what we really want to experience in this lifetime… it works hard day and night in its mysterious ways to make us to feel fulfilled, what we have to do is to just get out of its way. Yah we do tend to block its way when we calculate, when we think about needs and chase them, when we judge things and try to conform to some norms at the expense of not being ourselves.  Statistics and probability are very good tools in labs, they are the basis of research and I love them, but in real life, they’re useless. The brain may say that there’s only one in thousandth chance of getting something, but the heart just pushes us to that direction; a ‘wise’ person (or a robot?) can’t take that risk (instead for them there are many ‘safer’ options), but a follower of the heart does take it; and guess what, advice from heart always pays off, the follower gets the thing in spite of all the odds.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether we get the thing or not, because it’s not our job, it’s the job of the universe, our job is just to be true to our hearts and be ourselves, and enjoy this moment of existence as it’s such a great chance. Nope, this isn’t a selfish thought, because the best way we can affect the lives of our loved ones, the best way we can have impact on this universe, and the best way we can bring out the changes in humankind the way we desire is by being ourselves for every moment of our lives. I too am one of those who stay awake at nights sometimes, but it’s not the stress that keeps me awake, instead it’s the passion for this life.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tribute to The Sweet One

Silence speaks
And life makes sense
Oh sweet one
In your presence

Thoughts come
As if there’s some race
When things compete
To bring smile on my face

How warm it is
The embrace of the sky
How safe it is
The pat of the wind

Tingling breeze
Evokes fountains of joy
How nice it is
To have you around

No pride
No selfishness
In your arms
There’s only love and joy

Bathing me
Clearing my mind
Your beats
Fill me with life

Sweet soothing
Whisper with my mind
Reminds me
The purpose of being alive

Boundaries dissolve
Ego melts down
When sense of oneness
Expands my presence

With you every word
is an expression of joy
and every breathe
a celebration of life

I surrender oh nature
To the beauty of thy
My mind is curious
To understand your mind

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The story of life...

There comes a time when we believe in everything,
When skepticism falls, the heart sees better things

Fairy tales happen here, not in some different world
We can sense them, if we change our angle

Miracles are part of everyday life
Keep smiling, maybe it’s happening right now

Angels and witches aren’t some myth,
Look with mind’s eye, they do come handy

Spells work, things do get transformed
Curses are there, but remedies are nice

Flowers sing and they ooze smile
Gentle breeze can be the musician of the mind

There exists the stream of endless joy
And the trigger bringing it to the outside

Villains come, but with big weak points
Just kill that bird and happy ending arrives

No wounded healers, no sad knights
Remember, we’re the princesses or princes of our lives

Story of life is really interesting… Have patience,
Who knows, right now the climax may be happening…

Monday, January 20, 2014

to see beyond the perceived mind

Not firm, but not absent either
Though vague, it was always there
The passion, the drive
My purpose of being alive…

Had it since I don’t remember
Acting as a friend, my best ally
Holding my hand, giving shelter
Guiding me through difficult times

I never knew though its location
Didn't know my energy source
Got lost several times… in trying to find
Something that was always mine

The situations, the circumstances
Rules, regulations, results of sick fate
Lost people, numb and blind
Amongst all these, where was I?

I too was one of them, comatose, not awake
Drowned in ocean of my pains, hopeless,
Miserably waiting for some help
Studded with frustration, waiting for a change

As I had made the mistake
Thinking my core, all this could shake
Had got lost in battles and wounds
Thinking they've destroyed my soul

It turns out, I never knew it
Core of my heart isn't a weak thing
Leave apart tiny stabs and burns
Even missiles can’t breach its verve

It isn't numb, a sensitive feeling
Even a tiny change, won’t go unnoticed
Leave apart roses and daisies
Even grass flowers are capable of arousing it

Maybe it’s a rose itself
Oozing fragrance, no matter the circumstances
Or a fire, inextinguishable
Immune to highs and lows of life…

Is it that we come in layers
And what we see are just covers
Thick, tender, painful with ugly patches
Only to cloak the spring inside?

Pain anxiety stress anger or fear
Lessons of life, of those painful years
Memories of being cheated or of left alone…
Are too feeble to alter the weather

Clouds may come, so do typhoons
Vision gets hampered, we think life’s blurred
The dust just falls from outside,
Has nothing to do with the core inside

Don’t know what opened my eyes
To let me to see beyond the perceived mind
Flooding radiating flowing or oozing
There’s nothing else but pure joy…

Monday, January 13, 2014

sorry dear restrictions, you can’t last

Nope… I can’t hold on; sorry dear restrictions, you can’t last.
Through years I had gathered you,
Spending my tears, and unfulfilled expectations
Shocks, cheatings and mediocrities…

It’s not that now I’m in heaven,
It’s not that I’ve won some big shot
The world is as it was before
Why shall I listen to my foolish heart…?

I don’t feel like queen of the world
It’s just me… but glad
It’s as if I stepped into some time machine
And I’m a curious happy child

The wounds, open and unhealed,
Marks by failures, and battle scars
They’re still here, but silent and numb
How are you fellows, have you lost your life?

The negativity, the pains
Doubts suspicions and useless efforts
Gifts by torture, and shocking past
I’m afraid… dear companions, we’re getting apart

Had thought of you as partners of life,
Binding me with shackles stronger than my mind
What happened, where is the bitterness?
Has your poison lost its taste?

What is it… some strange flower
Bathing my mind in sweet fragrance
Or is it some sort of blast
Giving energy to keep on?

I did nothing, it just happened
Decisions, actions and even beliefs
Beautiful, mediocre or even ugly ones
I know nothing is in our hand

I’m not immature to take pride
Still humble but thankful… don’t know why
Instead of weeping or being serious
What is it that’s making me to smile…?

It’s something… ah, I can’t define
Vague to the extreme, can’t see its form
Powerful, I can’t resist
Still trying to find what it is…

Searching for the reason, the cause the agent
Maybe it’s some feeble ray of hope
But it’s glittering with some strange light
Alas, can’t see a thing beyond the joy…

Wisdom surely has its place
Consciousness is surely not useless
Experiences are meant to teach
Every dream can’t be the truth…

Or maybe it’s an afterthought
Consciousness may just be a part
Incomplete, and insufficient
To understand the activities in mind’s heart

Getting tired in trying to interpret it
Whatever it is… I just can’t stop it
Can’t guess, can’t understand
Can’t decide, can’t even hold on

Here I give up, accept my defeat
Oh strange feeling, I lose you win…
Surrendering my wisdom and pains of ages
I live as I always have… but with a feeling of being alive

I’m alive, yes I am
The dull dead end seems to be gone
What is it making me so popular…,
Plenty of actions waiting to be carried out?

No serenity, no peace
The restlessness strikes again
I must do something
Here… I start feeling again

It’s as if the coma has ended,
So have the darkness, deafness and loneliness
I breathe and feel like breathing…
From where I got back my senses..?

I know it may not last
Joy can be followed by a depression attack
No brain… you’ve lost the charge
Now give up your skepticism and follow my heart

Friday, January 3, 2014

to allow the heart to take over the brain

Don’t know whether my eyes ore open or are closed
There’s darkness; can’t see a ray of hope
Once acting as an energy source
Why I find myself now searching for some sun

Maybe this place is empty with nothing around
Can’t even hear voice of my own
The loneliness so thick that even memories can’t penetrate
And so prolonged that I don’t know how it is to be accompanied

It’s not that my path is untaken in the whole world
But it is strange for those who were in my world
My world was big initially, endless, having no boundaries
Now the boundaries are so thick that the world outside is foreign

It’s not that I was ignorant to the reality
But I did have a vision to see beyond it
Till I found that the vision was illusive
And the world being one is a crazy misunderstanding

Everything matters, your origin and your status
Soul is less important than your appearance
Decision making is a big joke
Life is nothing, just integration of chance events

Knowledge is supposed to make life better
Then why knowing the facts let the heart to shatter
Maybe the heart is old fashioned
Embracing the ideas no longer real

There is passion, there is zeal
There are cravings and even dreams
Foolish, enraged and thoughtless
The heart is ready to flood the world with tsunami of efforts

The boundaries won’t last its force
The world will become huge again and will be one
There won’t be loneliness and depression
“We” being a preferred term to “I” in that lawless world of love

But I’m confused, still holding my breaks
How wise is it to allow the heart to take over the brain?