Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why you believe in true love

Their smile
Is a breeze from the heavens
Their every word, their every act
Are special treasures you value a lot

They’re so comforting
That with them, you forget all your stress
Even if they challenge you sometimes,
You seek for their presence

They’re very charming
Make you forget all past pains
You can’t judge them
To you, Even their sneeze is a sweet poem

They may not be perfect,
But you know they always try their best
You support their choices,
No matter how unique are their tastes

You surrender to them
Let down all your defenses,
Become so open
That all boundaries are erased

You try hard
To keep their secrets,
Even their tiniest funny stories,
You won’t tell anyone else

You feel protective,
Can’t see them hurt,
You enjoy working hard,
If it helps them…

They become your best friend,
And your sweetheart
You accept them
The way they are

You feel loved
Relaxed like a child
Like a creative confident baby
You begin to embrace the life

You feel you’re born for them
You’ll die for them
No matter what they do,
You know, you won’t give up on them

There’s a reason,
Why you believe in true love,
You might not remember in details
But you have made a deal with someone
Who was born with you,
Who’ll die with you,
No matter where you go,
Who always belongs with you…

There’s a person,
You’re married to since before you were born
Honey, you’re the person
You always dream about

Hug yourself,
Adore yourself,
You’re your eternal love
Celebrate yourself

You’re your first love
You’re your soulmate
Fill yourself with your love,
And then let the love radiate

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

my love song

This Earth is my love letter,
Every part is a compliment to your core
The seasons are the spices
Different flavors to suit to your endeavors

The sun arrives, with its caffeinated rays,
It’s your choice whether to get the excitement
The night sky has lots of shiny objects,
Can you read my love declarations on their rays?

Clouds come, the storm and the rain,
Enjoy the wonders, or you can have some rest
No obligations, no pressure to perform
Works are there, but you can choose to play

Rules are there, regulations and limitations,
But only if you want to play the game
Challenges are there and there’s a race
Enjoy, you can’t lose at any pace

You can follow your heart
Or can hesitate
You’re always being loved,
Irrespective of your choices

You can accept it
Or you can deny
I love you
You’re the love of my life

My love is everywhere,
For you to bask in
In every encounter you have
You can sense my presence

Your every breath,
Every beat of your heart
Are the limericks
Of my love song

In your smiles,
Your words and silent gasps
You’ll find my love oozing,
Trying to soothe your heart

Thursday, July 2, 2015

To the heart,

Oh heart,
Why are you so strange?
Mind your ideas,
Are you insane??

You’re naked
Have no walls armies or defenses
Open to everything
Yet immune to getting bruises

You’re very strong
But have no weapons
How can you always succeed
Without fights dramas or stress?

You can’t calculate,
Can’t understand logic,
How come your estimations
Are always accurate?
You can’t understand strategies,
 Can’t make plans,
You’re too na├»ve
Yet the best advisor I have

You’ve no emotions, no pains,
No intelligence, no brains
The only force you possess, the only tool
Is love
Unbiased, nonsense, pure and strange

How can this tool
Possess so much power
That everything else I have
Prefer to just surrender??

You know no boundaries,
no limitations,
Unable to understand the pathways
How do you know the magical doorways?

How can you produce
These fountains of joy…
Intoxicating me
Giving me the ‘high’?

Dissolving my sense of future,
Erasing illusions of the past,
You bring me in this sweet unending moment,
Filled with strange unexplainable joy

My strength, my motivation
My energy, my passion
Oh heart, thank you for being so strange
Love your ideas, you’re simply great!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I am...

I’m the speed, the excitement
The life force
Gifting beats to your heart

I’m the nature, the source
The sweet tune
Composing music of the life

I’m the desire, the purpose
The pathway
And the destination of your heart

I’m the wisdom, the information
The inspiration
Creating miracles in daily life

I’m the beauty, the comeliness
Loving invitation
To embrace the life

An ocean of love, a tsunami of joy
I’m the ultimate power
All you need to create what you want

Look in the mirror,
Look beyond the mask
I’m the one, who’s looking through your eyes

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Love is the key...

Not any missile, no sharp words
No boundaries, not any magic spell
Nothing in the world is as powerful as love itself

Love, love from the bottom of your heart
Love without any limit, without any doubt
Without any attachment to the mundane facts

Be a sun, let love be your rays;
Be a cloud, let the love rain
Shower your loved ones, wash away their pains

Love your beloveds, and those strangers
And to those who brought some pain
Love the universe, as it’s a form of yourself

Love yourself while loving others,
Never expect from others
What you can give to yourself

Never stop giving, what you’ve to offer
You’re unique, and much needed
Never let doubts mask your true nature
The real you can make a difference

The universe has a magical bank account
Every penny of love you spend
Comes back to you
 With an increase of several folds

Be assured, you’re always cared for
Your needs are always met,
and so are your desires

Love comes in several forms
Just learn to be open,
never close your heart

Don’t narrow down
The sources of love to you; listen,
Even the air you breathe and the water
Say, “I love you” all the time

Love is the key, the map
And your guide to your dreamland
Love is the magic, the currency
The biggest power to transform

Thank the universe
For bringing love into your life
Take every opportunity
to celebrate the love in your heart

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The truth...

The truth is that we all are special. The universe values our uniqueness, it nurtures it, adores it, cares for it, and designs circumstances to develop it… it also weeds out things coming in the way of our true development. Some things have to go away, some goodbyes are mandatory, some relationships complete their courses, so do some aspects of our personality. I’m no more the clueless rebel driving at the speed of hundred wearing a reverse cap with some hanky tied around her neck; it’s not that I’ve grown any softer, but I don’t feel the need to wear that bravado to hide my inner child anymore. The tougher and wiser I become, the more comfortable I feel in exposing my true loving nature. When the insecurities drop, our true nature gets a chance to emerge. Doubts and insecurities are babies of ignorance, lack of knowledge, and too much emphasis on the separateness; they’re products of faulty reasoning based on insufficient information; like clouds, they block our insight, like viruses, they suppress our true nature, and convert us into power seeking zombies— alive, but not living their lives. There’s more in the world than our minds can sense, there’s more magic in the universe than we’re taught to believe in. I guess it’s only the heart that has the capacity to sense the reality around us. It’s our job to be true to our hearts, to keep on tending to it, to jump when it wants to jump and to stop when it wants to stop, without getting attached to the circumstances, without calculating the consequences.

It’s beyond the beliefs, the truth, it’s beyond the thoughts; beliefs can change every once in a while, thoughts wobble all the time, but the truth is true all the time, whether we know it or not, it’s stable, whether we appreciate it or not. Dreams are the premonitions of where we’re going to land up; desires are the hints of the experiences waiting for us, provided that we’re not falling for our ego trips. There’s no need to fight for our wishes, no need to waste energy in trying to flow upstream, in fact these are indications of some faulty thinking; our lives are designed to be with the flow, it’s when we surrender completely and let go of the insecure pride we’re taken to our destiny. Right things happen, right persons come, right paths are taken only when the right time arrives; the growth process is very fast in fact, unless if we block it with fear driven attempts of some artificial standardized speed up.

Sometimes I do feel confused a bit, a bit stressed, like the superman or spiderman just getting aware of his supernatural powers; but the responsibility coming with this power is a bit simpler than that of those comics’ celebrities; we just have to be aware of and true to our core nature. We’re all unique, and very powerful, the power is in the uniqueness, we’ve to respect it that of ourselves and that of others. There’s no ‘standard’, no one is better than another; the competitions for some standard are proofs of ignorance, it’s up to us how much we feed to such ignorance. Some people are trapped in the insecurities, lost in the battles, struggling for false pride, ignorant, completely unaware of their true nature; we can’t change others, they’ll awaken when their time comes, our job is not to try to convince them, but just to be ourselves and keep on walking on our own true roads.

When we stop struggling and start walking on our true road, somehow some magic happens, things start falling into place, people start being awakened, boundaries start dissolving on their own, deserts start embracing the spring… all of a sudden we realize that life does make sense, it’s our dream since ages that’s taking a solid shape.

Friday, October 3, 2014

when the past gets undone

How I don’t know, but a magical moment arrived
Like an eraser to wipe out years from my life
Cobwebs disappeared, the tangles got solved
Things got unlearned, as my past got undone

Now I look into the mirror
And see a baby full of wonders
Free of responsibilities and worries
Surrounded in warmth, completely assured

To me, things happen on their own
My job is to play around… and have fun
I don’t care what people call me
They’ve to respect my rules, to be with me

Innocent inexperienced happy child
Unexposed to harsh realities of adult life
Immersed constantly in love and joy
I don’t know how hatred feels like

I’ve enthusiasm, the will to find out
And the freedom to quit the game, when I get bored
No ambitions, no big dreams
I play to enjoy just this moment of my life

Mirror says then, “wait a minute dear,
Your image doesn’t fit into expected baby’s picture.”
I answer, “that’s the point my friend,
From all expected norms, I’ve got divorced.”

“But usually babies don’t look like this.”
It continues to complain…
“Maybe usually they don’t,” I say…
 “but they do at this moment.”