Monday, January 11, 2010

Ideal Vs. real situation

Healing, that’s my dream. That’s the purpose of my life. I survive in hopes that I’ll, in some way be helpful in healing people. I want to improve the depth of knowledge we humans possess regarding our own body systems. I want to find some way to study our brain… something like those optogenic tools [Temporally precise in vivo control of intracellular signalling]… that makes the receptor light sensitive. Something like that it could control our synaptic actions from outside.
I dream while awake, I dream at night in my sleep. I dream a lab where I get all the facilities… where I can work on the fine synapses of rat’s brain, and where I can do my research to study the brains of humans. I don’t want to face the reality… I don’t want to be awake without getting lost in my dreams… because the reality is far… far away from my dreams.
I’m a medical student. I’m not supposed to do some initiative or creative work. And I live in a place where… where leave apart the synaptic studies or fMRI studies… simple mRI is not possible. There is a closed room in our hospital… they say there is a damaged mRi machine is sleeping inside. But the room never opens… it has not been opened even once since last four and half years. I can’t break the lock. I can’t change the situation.

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