Wednesday, August 5, 2015

my love song

This Earth is my love letter,
Every part is a compliment to your core
The seasons are the spices
Different flavors to suit to your endeavors

The sun arrives, with its caffeinated rays,
It’s your choice whether to get the excitement
The night sky has lots of shiny objects,
Can you read my love declarations on their rays?

Clouds come, the storm and the rain,
Enjoy the wonders, or you can have some rest
No obligations, no pressure to perform
Works are there, but you can choose to play

Rules are there, regulations and limitations,
But only if you want to play the game
Challenges are there and there’s a race
Enjoy, you can’t lose at any pace

You can follow your heart
Or can hesitate
You’re always being loved,
Irrespective of your choices

You can accept it
Or you can deny
I love you
You’re the love of my life

My love is everywhere,
For you to bask in
In every encounter you have
You can sense my presence

Your every breath,
Every beat of your heart
Are the limericks
Of my love song

In your smiles,
Your words and silent gasps
You’ll find my love oozing,
Trying to soothe your heart

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