Friday, July 16, 2010

Addictions of Soul

Addictions are bad, no matter how good they are… they enslave your brain, affect your thinking, functions, dreams, relations, your whole life, and the life of persons related to you, that too negatively. You become forlorn; dependent… can’t even stand without aids of your killer. It enmeshes you, and you become happy even though you’re tied. You forget the relations, emotions, and your verve. The culprit becomes your ambition, your purpose of survival, and may be the purpose of your death. And you become happy to hug even death for you master. The closer you go, yet closer you want to go. You keep on increasing the dose, more… more… more… and finally it gets incorporated in every nanometer of your soul. Yet you never develop tolerance… you keep on finding pleasure in even a trace of it, and craving for just an illusion of it.

Addictions of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or even heroine, morphine playing with chemicals of brain fall short to these addictions of soul. Drugs may cause death when not taken in required dose or if taken in ‘required’ dose… but they do develop tolerance. Rehabs can help you to become addiction free for these drugs, meditations and behavior therapies, drugs developing aversion work there, but alas, they too are helpless when applied to treat the addicted soul. Here the addiction rules your brain and your soul, and no drugs can de addict you unless you’re dead.

These are the passions of life taking you to death, or leave you nowhere, and of no one. These are the passions for arts- living in a dream word, or the passions for science- building a dream world, or the passions of helping others- making them to smile while sacrificing your happy moments, to protect others endangering your own life, to care others by becoming careless for yourself, to heal others while leaving your own wounds untreated, or to fall in love with someone who always offers neglect… and they give you an unending happiness, making you addicted. They don’t give anything other than the joy of life, or a sense of divine satisfaction… but to survive what other things are needed?

They won’t transform you much, just will make you haunted, and people will call you a ‘mad’ or ‘a ruthless mad’, and you do will act ruthless, and you do will become a mad…

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