Friday, February 25, 2011

diary of ntern....

Humans are weak animals, with a small life and a big mind and huge desires… I feel myself as fragile, a miniscule creature hoping to bring happiness in human life. I love to go this PHC and see people every day and do something that I can, to help them with their health problems… and I face obstacles every day in one form or other those in fact should not arise. This PHC affords being constantly online, it affords the webcams, it affords the decoration it has… and the new decoration that is taking place; can’t it afford a one thousand rupees sphygmomanometer? And there are round needles, no matter what kind of wound it is, and where and for whom you have to use that big bored round needle for applying sutures… why should the people tolerate that extra trauma, only for the cause that they live in a village?

And I see poverty ruling lives… almost every woman and many men I see are anemic. I heard a doctor saying that complaint of weakness the women over here do is nothing but a psychological problem… I thought what’ll happen if he bleeds and his hemoglobin level falls near to five; won’t he complain of constant weakness and fatigue? The iron and folic acid syrup over here is out of stock, now I give the tablets… and they’re going to end soon the pharmacist insists. And I encounter women with backache and weakness in limbs due to compression fractures in vertebrae… with extreme tenderness over spinal cord… they are osteoporotic… leave apart the cementing of vertebrae and other surgical treatments I couldn’t even give them calcium tablets. They refused to attend a higher center- my hospital… and I’m sure they wouldn’t have got the treatment over there also. They can’t afford CT in government hospital and MRI from private hospital is a big thing for them. At least to increase their bone strength to some extent, I advised them to take milk everyday… then they smile at me sarcastically… “If I were a queen I would have got milk,” I remember one of them saying. My knowledge is helpless here… so is me.

And the men are addicted to one or more drugs… especially to the alcohol and the smocking. If not anything else their families will definitely get good nutrition if they stop spending money on their addictions… but who’s going to stop them? Why the government doesn’t ban such things in total, when it’s known that smoking is hazardous to health, it harms even to the non smokers… why the cigarettes and beedies are still being produced? If they start getting profit from selling and producing something like cynide, will they do it? Will they promote suicide by cynide? Then why do they do it with nicotine and with alcohol? Who has given the manufacturers the right to ruin the lives of the consumers? I’m totally clueless… I’m nothing but just an intern physician.

And I see violence. I see adults coming with police cases with heads broken due to fights in families and in rival families… I see women with tender infected injuries they’ve got because of beating by their drunken husbands… and I also see kids with head injuries due to getting hit by a stone by a small sibling or a playmate….. And the cases of dog bites in children are also on rise as the kids go and kick the dogs on face!!! They also hit the pigs, but the pigs don’t bite. What is this? Why? Why this violence… why everyone likes to pick up the stone and target the head of other? Is this a learned behavior from the parents… or is it something deep in genes? I know, I can’t do anything at this level of mine. I want to study neuroscience and want to stop this violence… but I also want to stop this under nutrition and addictions… and these scant facilities… I want to see them happy. I don’t know what I should do to make it a happening… Leave it; I’ve started daydreaming……………………………………….

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