Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let them to say what they want………..

They say it’s in vein
To spend hours… in teasing your brain,
To play with words to haunt minds,
To think of the world… existing only in hearts

They say it’s utterly madness
To try to find something…
which maybe completely fruitless
And to consider the world… which affects you not

They say it’s a big flop
To spend your life in searching…
Answers to the endless ‘whys’
And in attempting things… which may cost your life

They say it’s a severe bad luck
To be unable to be practical…
In this ‘Practical’ world
And to foster dreams… those sound irrational

But this madness has its own reward…
What others say doesn’t bother a mad!

She lives life like the spring
Bringing blossom to every mind she meets
Buds are bound to flower…
It’s exciting to watch flowers born as thorns
It’s really funny to live for a cause
No matter, even if it costs you your life

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