Monday, August 8, 2011

searching for some time machine

Once upon a time I was immature, a curious kid
Wondering why things happen and how do they occur
Life was a miracle for me, or was a wonderful puzzle
At that time I always used to be in some hurry
As every moment of life seemed to me
Like some beautiful irreplaceable opportunity…

Once upon a time I was very romantic,
Where everything in the world had a beautiful challenge hidden in it
Every word had some secret poetic meaning
Every face I saw used to sing some wonderful tunes of music…
Where even worst things had some goodness attached to them
And every failure was nothing but a chance to learn some lesson from it

Maturity comes at its own price, and some experiences are potent enough
To wash away the sense of being alive from life…
Too much of adversity ruins the life,
Where every step is a danger, nothing appears romantic…
Life seems unruly, a collection of unexplainable bizarre happenings
Or it seems like some long dull journey, without any destination for it……

Now I find myself struggling with my own mind,
Or attempting to get out of the inertia caused by some unknown thing
Or lost in search of some miracle or some time machine
Which will take me back to my youthful state of my mind…
There I’ll relearn to wonder,
And to look at life like some secret miraculous power…….

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