Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It is and that's what matters

"It's like a big zero, meaningless, blank, painful, pitiful, extremely hopeless, hopelessly useless, cruel, demanding, demeaning...," sometimes life comes to a point where all efforts seem to be fruitless, we get bombarded with one disaster after another, we get one proof after another of our miserable ineptness, when we lose the sense of direction as if we're trapped in some irremovable fog, noises become so loud that we can't hear our own voice; all we hear are demands, orders and expectations from others especially from our loved ones who somehow seem to have forgotten to love unconditionally; in the bottom of our hearts we're forced to carry an ocean of endless emptiness studed with dying desires, comatose mutilated dreams and above all with an incurable sense of agonizing loneliness... it's the time when we're forced to find out the cause to sustain life or to bear it, to choose whether to continue or to quit... "Why me," is another pathological thought that consumes much energy to get repressed.

This painful feeling grows with age and by the time a kid reaches young adulthood it already has become overwhelming... Some are lucky that they never get these bouts of madness, some succeed in getting rid of it and living a 'normal' life, and in fulfilling all the expectations while still carrying that ocean of emptiness buried somewhere in depths of their minds... some quit, and the remaining ones make their names as synonyms of madness... prove either to be extremely productive or to be completely useless, all their fate depending upon where they direct their search for themselves.

Madness isn't that worthless I feel; it does worth a try or maybe many. Life is slippery, we can't hold it; no matter how stagnant we feel it is, it's always on the move. We're not stationary things, we're humans, time is bound to change us, so are the situations, our feelings and experiences. What we have today there's no guarantee that we'll possess tomorrow... and this includes along with our talents our adversities, pains, failures, all the noxious stimuli evoking fears tears and cravings, our madness, desire to do something, to love, dreams of creating something, of making some difference, our energy, our youth...

Things change with time, just for example- once upon a time I used to write comedy, now comedy seems to have divorced to my pen; it just doesn't come, every sentence comes with a tinge of tears. I wish I would have written some more at that time..... I may write it now if I try hard, but some things are just irreversible. I can be curious, but I can't be a kid. Time affects every single aspect of our lives. To avoid this 'I wish I would have' feeling in future, we must move today.... Our desire of doing something, the endless craving, the sense of not feeling satisfied with the current situation, in other words 'the madness' is only the chance we've been given by the destiny, we shall not lose it by feeling overwhelmed... what if all of a sudden we get some frontal lobe lesion and like Phineas Gage get converted into creatures those can be called in words of his friends as 'no longer us'... we shall not ignore what we have and waste it in crying for what we haven't.

Instead of feeling sad due to the expectations from our loved ones, or feeling that our love is unrequited, we shall think of exploiting our desire to take care of them.. who knows tomorrow some pathology or trauma might happen to our brains and we may lose completely the sense of heavenly pleasure we get for caring them. This uncertainty applies to every field of our life, and this makes the current moment crucial.

It (the current moment) may be like a big zero, meaningless, blank, painful, pitiful, extremely hopeless, hopelessly useless, cruel, demanding, demeaning whatever... but it is and that's what matters, and we must make something from it before it passes away.

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