Friday, April 13, 2012

discard labels... be humans

I hate boundaries, I always have... Restrictions suffocate me, so do some unexplainable rules. Division of humankind on basis of states, countries, continents and even casts, religions and races make me uncomfortable. Maybe I'm immature, maybe completely mad, but I really can't digest the concept of nationalism, can't understand what on Earth people try to achieve by fighting for boundaries, ruling other nations, or by killing for religions casts and some strange beliefs... and even by saluting to some flags. Can't there be a constitution bigger than the constitutions of each and every state and each and every nation, a constitution of humankind? Can't there be a big flag representative of the whole of the humankind rather than that of a tiny fraction of it? Can't there be a sacred book sacred to people of all religions? Can't we remember the fact that we're humans before we get labeled as members of some tiny community? Is it mandatory to waste resources such as money time and manpower and to sacrifice lives for fighting for little causes like what little immature kids do? Is it mandatory to look at our near and distant neighbors as our competitors, and to set our goals as to overpower them and to make them to lose, especially when we know that there are real problems out there those we need to tackle as humans? Can't we be partners instead of being rivals and work as a team using our differences to compensate for the weaknesses of each other to reach to a common goal of making human life better?

It sounds good to focus on a tiny part of a system and to feel dedicated to it, as it sounds easy to improve the tiny part than improving the whole system... but it'll be a foolishness to ignore the fact that the tiny part is a part of the whole system, and any damage to any other part of the system is bound to cause at least some harm to the part we feel we're dedicated to. Even if we happen to live in an isolated community on an isolated island, still there are things like pollution global warming and altering balance of the ecosystem which can affect us directly or indirectly... and most of us aren't that isolated. A citizen or member of some community is a bigger word than just an individual, but it's much tinier than the word human as we all are members of humankind.

It seems hard to think of equality when things aren't really equal; there are differences in geographic conditions, educational awareness, health and hygiene, availability of resources, faiths and belief systems, extent of social pathologies like money mindedness and corruption... and many more; but we're always free to grow, to introspect and overcome our weaknesses; and instead of looking at others as obstacles in our path or as potential threats to our existence or as something we've to overtake, we are free to look at them as other part of our world and learn from them and seek help from them to overcome our shortcomings while simultaneously helping them to overcome theirs. We're always free to choose to be helping humans instead of acting as area or dominance driven quadrupeds. I think that cooperation rather than competition is the key to success, satisfaction, and evolution; but it requires more strength patience and dedication, and an entirely different mindset... and fortunately all of these are achievable by practice.

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