Sunday, September 2, 2012

It requires strength

"I'm no more a romantic person living in some dreamland or a perfectionist craving for best or an innocent sweet child, honest, always true to her morals... I know it's nearly impossible for life to be perfect, dreams might be just fantasies, not always meant to be achieved; morals are just luxuries only lucky fulfilled and superhuman can afford, or they're rules of some mad obsessed ne'er-do-wells, or are some chants in fairytales—never working in real life. There's no true love, there's no passion; devotion is a meaningless word... selfishness being the first predictor of success, luck being the second. Loving others without expectation is killing your own soul. Trusting someone is risking yourself, promises being stepped down as cheap talks... or bluffs... cheaters are winners, believers are fools—born to be flop. I'm not describing some nightmare, or experience of some negativistic person with some personality disorder... this is real life, alas, not a fiction...."

It's very easy to be cynic in this world, series of experiences pushing us to pessimism... but thankfully it's not all desert. It requires strength—a lot of strength to see the meadows, the rivers, the waterfalls and the jungles... True love is here—able to surpass all fictions, pure care isn't mythological, here is comfort, here is trust... faith is here to make us relaxed. It's not harmful to rest in dreamland when we know what is real... It's not harmful to attempt mending the future while living in present. Number of efforts may not lead us to success, but they're bound to increase its chances—if done in correct direction. We're not passive limp non-living objects moving only with forces from outside, neither are we reptilian brained animals thinking only of me myself and my present tense... we can gain knowledge, can plan the future, can think strategically while still protecting our morals... we can get joy by doing something for our loved ones; we're humans, we're born to celebrate our humanness. 

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