Monday, July 21, 2014

Tribute to The Sweet One

Silence speaks
And life makes sense
Oh sweet one
In your presence

Thoughts come
As if there’s some race
When things compete
To bring smile on my face

How warm it is
The embrace of the sky
How safe it is
The pat of the wind

Tingling breeze
Evokes fountains of joy
How nice it is
To have you around

No pride
No selfishness
In your arms
There’s only love and joy

Bathing me
Clearing my mind
Your beats
Fill me with life

Sweet soothing
Whisper with my mind
Reminds me
The purpose of being alive

Boundaries dissolve
Ego melts down
When sense of oneness
Expands my presence

With you every word
is an expression of joy
and every breathe
a celebration of life

I surrender oh nature
To the beauty of thy
My mind is curious
To understand your mind

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