Saturday, May 9, 2015

Love is the key...

Not any missile, no sharp words
No boundaries, not any magic spell
Nothing in the world is as powerful as love itself

Love, love from the bottom of your heart
Love without any limit, without any doubt
Without any attachment to the mundane facts

Be a sun, let love be your rays;
Be a cloud, let the love rain
Shower your loved ones, wash away their pains

Love your beloveds, and those strangers
And to those who brought some pain
Love the universe, as it’s a form of yourself

Love yourself while loving others,
Never expect from others
What you can give to yourself

Never stop giving, what you’ve to offer
You’re unique, and much needed
Never let doubts mask your true nature
The real you can make a difference

The universe has a magical bank account
Every penny of love you spend
Comes back to you
 With an increase of several folds

Be assured, you’re always cared for
Your needs are always met,
and so are your desires

Love comes in several forms
Just learn to be open,
never close your heart

Don’t narrow down
The sources of love to you; listen,
Even the air you breathe and the water
Say, “I love you” all the time

Love is the key, the map
And your guide to your dreamland
Love is the magic, the currency
The biggest power to transform

Thank the universe
For bringing love into your life
Take every opportunity
to celebrate the love in your heart