Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The truth...

The truth is that we all are special. The universe values our uniqueness, it nurtures it, adores it, cares for it, and designs circumstances to develop it… it also weeds out things coming in the way of our true development. Some things have to go away, some goodbyes are mandatory, some relationships complete their courses, so do some aspects of our personality. I’m no more the clueless rebel driving at the speed of hundred wearing a reverse cap with some hanky tied around her neck; it’s not that I’ve grown any softer, but I don’t feel the need to wear that bravado to hide my inner child anymore. The tougher and wiser I become, the more comfortable I feel in exposing my true loving nature. When the insecurities drop, our true nature gets a chance to emerge. Doubts and insecurities are babies of ignorance, lack of knowledge, and too much emphasis on the separateness; they’re products of faulty reasoning based on insufficient information; like clouds, they block our insight, like viruses, they suppress our true nature, and convert us into power seeking zombies— alive, but not living their lives. There’s more in the world than our minds can sense, there’s more magic in the universe than we’re taught to believe in. I guess it’s only the heart that has the capacity to sense the reality around us. It’s our job to be true to our hearts, to keep on tending to it, to jump when it wants to jump and to stop when it wants to stop, without getting attached to the circumstances, without calculating the consequences.

It’s beyond the beliefs, the truth, it’s beyond the thoughts; beliefs can change every once in a while, thoughts wobble all the time, but the truth is true all the time, whether we know it or not, it’s stable, whether we appreciate it or not. Dreams are the premonitions of where we’re going to land up; desires are the hints of the experiences waiting for us, provided that we’re not falling for our ego trips. There’s no need to fight for our wishes, no need to waste energy in trying to flow upstream, in fact these are indications of some faulty thinking; our lives are designed to be with the flow, it’s when we surrender completely and let go of the insecure pride we’re taken to our destiny. Right things happen, right persons come, right paths are taken only when the right time arrives; the growth process is very fast in fact, unless if we block it with fear driven attempts of some artificial standardized speed up.

Sometimes I do feel confused a bit, a bit stressed, like the superman or spiderman just getting aware of his supernatural powers; but the responsibility coming with this power is a bit simpler than that of those comics’ celebrities; we just have to be aware of and true to our core nature. We’re all unique, and very powerful, the power is in the uniqueness, we’ve to respect it that of ourselves and that of others. There’s no ‘standard’, no one is better than another; the competitions for some standard are proofs of ignorance, it’s up to us how much we feed to such ignorance. Some people are trapped in the insecurities, lost in the battles, struggling for false pride, ignorant, completely unaware of their true nature; we can’t change others, they’ll awaken when their time comes, our job is not to try to convince them, but just to be ourselves and keep on walking on our own true roads.

When we stop struggling and start walking on our true road, somehow some magic happens, things start falling into place, people start being awakened, boundaries start dissolving on their own, deserts start embracing the spring… all of a sudden we realize that life does make sense, it’s our dream since ages that’s taking a solid shape.

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