Thursday, May 13, 2010

The game of life...

Hurricanes come sometimes, disturbing our lives; sometimes life seems like a particle of dust aimlessly following a storm… or a piece of detached dried orphan leaf, destined to get destroyed. Sometimes efforts give pains only and no rewards, legs get tired after following an aim, and the aim seems to be a mere mirage. Floods come sometimes and wash away all of our hopes… sometimes killing draughts occur, deserting our minds. Disasters come to test our patience sometimes; sometimes life seems like an endless voyage through the ocean of disasters. Expectations get killed sometimes; sometimes frauds occur without any expectations. Sometimes life itself seems as a fraud… or a failure; sometimes we doubt whether we are alive and why…

But… everything above has a positive side. Hurricanes teach us to fly like a weightless particle or to stand the pressure, detachment teaches freedom to the leafy life. Mirages show us the things, that are not existent and waiting for us to come into existence… floods, draughts, deserts give us the reason to survive, to save others from those sufferings. Disasters are the milestones on the way of success, more we cross them; more we get close to our aims… or are garlands of victory, more valuable than expensive diamond sets. Killers of expectations teach us true love, which is defined as ‘that what is done without any expectation’… and warns us what they’ll feel if we kill the expectations of our loved ones. Life is like a thriller movie, more the danger, more is the adrenalin rush… more the suspense, more we miss our heartbeats.

Now tell me… is life a loss, a lost game? Or is it a plain luck that we’re still ‘not out’ in our life’s game? We’re alive, means we still have a chance to win... and sometimes losing also is a fun.

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