Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I want heaven here on my planet

The world would have been a much better place to live if violence were not there; if there were no cruelty and people were caring for each other.

I see violence every day, and it’s not easy to find a trace of humanity over here. What people want is destruction of each other. I always have hated low class violent movies with lots of fights and injustice and assaults… but never in my life had I imagined that they could be this true. There is no peace, there are no smiles, what their faces shower is anger and revenge flooding from their minds, and sometimes there are tears and fear. There is blood, broken bones, bumps, lost organs caused by people who are members of the same species, humans. There are rapes and rapists, lies, frauds, fake care and showiness… I crave for goodness, I search for hope and I see darkness; I don’t feel convinced about my role in casualty of treating their wounds and helping the Medical officer in medico legal procedures……..

But some goodness is there, I see it when I see people bringing complete stranger accident victims for treatment, when some nurses really care for the patients. And I want to exaggerate that goodness. I wish I could get that goodness out of their brains and amplify it by several folds and then spread it to every human brain in the world like some infection resistant to hatred. I wish I could bring this horrid situation to an end and make a world where humans would act as humans. And I want to do it, no matter how impossible and strange it may sound… just trying to figure out how.

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