Monday, January 20, 2014

to see beyond the perceived mind

Not firm, but not absent either
Though vague, it was always there
The passion, the drive
My purpose of being alive…

Had it since I don’t remember
Acting as a friend, my best ally
Holding my hand, giving shelter
Guiding me through difficult times

I never knew though its location
Didn't know my energy source
Got lost several times… in trying to find
Something that was always mine

The situations, the circumstances
Rules, regulations, results of sick fate
Lost people, numb and blind
Amongst all these, where was I?

I too was one of them, comatose, not awake
Drowned in ocean of my pains, hopeless,
Miserably waiting for some help
Studded with frustration, waiting for a change

As I had made the mistake
Thinking my core, all this could shake
Had got lost in battles and wounds
Thinking they've destroyed my soul

It turns out, I never knew it
Core of my heart isn't a weak thing
Leave apart tiny stabs and burns
Even missiles can’t breach its verve

It isn't numb, a sensitive feeling
Even a tiny change, won’t go unnoticed
Leave apart roses and daisies
Even grass flowers are capable of arousing it

Maybe it’s a rose itself
Oozing fragrance, no matter the circumstances
Or a fire, inextinguishable
Immune to highs and lows of life…

Is it that we come in layers
And what we see are just covers
Thick, tender, painful with ugly patches
Only to cloak the spring inside?

Pain anxiety stress anger or fear
Lessons of life, of those painful years
Memories of being cheated or of left alone…
Are too feeble to alter the weather

Clouds may come, so do typhoons
Vision gets hampered, we think life’s blurred
The dust just falls from outside,
Has nothing to do with the core inside

Don’t know what opened my eyes
To let me to see beyond the perceived mind
Flooding radiating flowing or oozing
There’s nothing else but pure joy…

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