Friday, January 3, 2014

to allow the heart to take over the brain

Don’t know whether my eyes ore open or are closed
There’s darkness; can’t see a ray of hope
Once acting as an energy source
Why I find myself now searching for some sun

Maybe this place is empty with nothing around
Can’t even hear voice of my own
The loneliness so thick that even memories can’t penetrate
And so prolonged that I don’t know how it is to be accompanied

It’s not that my path is untaken in the whole world
But it is strange for those who were in my world
My world was big initially, endless, having no boundaries
Now the boundaries are so thick that the world outside is foreign

It’s not that I was ignorant to the reality
But I did have a vision to see beyond it
Till I found that the vision was illusive
And the world being one is a crazy misunderstanding

Everything matters, your origin and your status
Soul is less important than your appearance
Decision making is a big joke
Life is nothing, just integration of chance events

Knowledge is supposed to make life better
Then why knowing the facts let the heart to shatter
Maybe the heart is old fashioned
Embracing the ideas no longer real

There is passion, there is zeal
There are cravings and even dreams
Foolish, enraged and thoughtless
The heart is ready to flood the world with tsunami of efforts

The boundaries won’t last its force
The world will become huge again and will be one
There won’t be loneliness and depression
“We” being a preferred term to “I” in that lawless world of love

But I’m confused, still holding my breaks
How wise is it to allow the heart to take over the brain?

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