Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Healing... an attempt to cure

Healing… it makes to feel better. The wounds disappear and the intactness returns… intactness, the condition of no pain, no discomfort, no chance of getting infected by some troublesome pathogen. And the part can work with full potential, taking full joy, without the fear of getting more damaged. It’s a matter of chance… takes time sometimes, sometimes it never happens, sometimes leaves permanent ugly contractures named scars… and sometimes the condition worsens to its worst.

It requires luck… plain luck I can say, or the innate things to achieve healing… or some aids to heal faster… to make the wound disappear as quickly as possible… something like care, antibiotics or dressings- the things designed to cover the wound and protect it, keeping it dry and infection free. And science is working on it, at its best, I hope.

Mind also gets wounds many times… of all ranges right from tiny scratches up to bomb blast injuries, equally painful, disabling, bleeding… worsening. But the dressings aren’t available, neither the antibiotics. We can’t visit the market to purchase a mind healing medicine. Psychoactive drugs are there… but they’re mere numbing, making the mind to ignore the wounds like what happens to the extremities of diabetics. And the wounds remain there rotting, dying forming a gangrene of mind… not healable.

The gangrenous extremity is amputated to avoid its spreading… but… but alas, we can’t amputate the mind, yet, no matter how rotten it has become. The gangrene spreads, affecting the whole of the mind and the person dies leaving a walking cast of a human behind… the human becomes a mindless zombie, with no feelings, no joy, no pain, and no regret… of doing anything. And crimes increase in an effort to get some joy… or some pain… or some feeling, but dead mind can’t feel anything.
Can we treat this? Not yet, unfortunately… Can we avoid this? Maybe if we try… mind is fragile… humiliations, setbacks, losses, deaths… heartbreaks anything… anything can wound it. And the injuries can’t be avoided. We’ve to avoid the gangrene… the death of the mind and feelings. we’ve to pay heed to the wounds, to achieve this… we’ve to wipe the wounds, clear them, to make them dry by allowing them to ooze out the pains…

Again some are lucky, they can go to the arts to express the feelings to their own souls… to pray it to secrete some healing substances… and they succeed. Some have to keep on bleeding, tolerating… to try to ignore… and some succeed in ignoring. Some survive, carrying to painful wound throughout their life and some develop gangrene. But there are some wounded souls who attempt healing of their own mind by attempting to heal the pains of others. They become the dressings for other wounded minds, they become angels… don’t remain humans. But again, becoming an angel is a matter of plain luck… an innate thing, or aids in the form of some angel’s blessing…

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