Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ideal verses reality

Ideal doctor is - A god or angel or something like that… a superhuman, a person who treats the patient, yet feels the patient, who’s ready for the patient at any hour of the day, who cares the patient, tries her/ his best to make the situation more tolerable, puts the patient ahead of everything, can’t say no to anyone, who works for satisfaction. Well, he/ she may not be complete, may not have treatment for every disease, and may not have all the high class equipments, but the dedication is never lacking.

In reality with some honorable exceptions who dare to live as an ideal doctor… the treatment to every disease isn’t available, high class costly yet incompetent machines may be available. No one is dedicated to the patients… dedication to money is almost always there. Diagnosis is not possible without machines… doctors have legal bounding about the minimum of the investigations required. They exploit it, and run a side business of renting the machines. A CT or M RI may be prescribed for simple headache without any sound reason. Poor patients are always thrown to poor government hospitals where they receive treatment like waste particles of dust. They may not say no even to dead bodies, if they get the money… and dead bodies are not handled to relatives till complete payment is received. Doctor feels nothing even if a patient dies. Even if any mistake occurs by the doctor he/ she is taught in the medical school only to hide it, cover it and never mention it before the patient… or before anyone. These so called doctors are not humans… they are not even sub humans… instead they’re machines, money making devices. And medical colleges teach you to be a successful machine, to earn a rich luxurious life… no matter even if you’ve to forget to live, or to live a dead life… a rich dead life.

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