Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my dream

Here I accept that I’m not perfect
To reach my dreams I do lack the strength
I beg the strength to my dreams
And in this way gets fulfilled my every wish

My dreams give me wings when I want to fly
And they wipe my tears when I tend to cry
I cry my pains and weep my weakness
But fail always to abuse my lack of strength

A weak person with huge dreams
Can this mismatch lead to a fulfillment?
But I get things more than I deserve
As my riveting dreams make me to preserve

Are they some witchcraft or some magic spells?
Those turn my weaknesses into my strengths
My pains become stimuli and rewarding
And dynamic becomes my ill health

Are they some angels who give me blessings?
And every hit of bad luck brings a shower of success…

Fate, good luck or maybe some unknown thing…
I never have to crave for my novel dreams
Like the heart is gifted with beatings…
My days and nights beat with my dreams

I breathe for my dreams, I breathe my dreams
And even if I die in between I’ll be breathing in my dreams…

I’m immortal; I’ll never cease to exist
Because I exist only in my eternal dreams
Excepting my dreams, I’m nothing… anything
As if I myself is a sweet dream of my dreams…

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