Monday, March 15, 2010

healing- to survive

Life is painful, uncertain, and unpredictable… like a classical horror movie when the ghost arrives when you think it’s safest. We try hard, do our best to achieve something, we get the thing only to lose it at the next moment. Happiest moments in life turn to those of greatest grieves, haunting our memories like laughing cruel ghosts… making us to fear the happiness. Sometimes the situations are so hopeless that the word ‘hope’ seems to be rubbish or some impossible thing. We cry sometimes. Sometimes the situation is beyond crying; tons of grieves and depths of sorrow make our tear glands immune to feelings.

Does this mean we should fear it, keep on praying that the uncertainty should keep a distance from us? Or should we lose interest in life, for its uncertain? Or should we succumb to the fear and stop living or live life of some zombie, with no feelings? Many times the changes are irreversible; we can’t repair the things. Why should we continue to live, if life is continuously punishing?

But isn’t it good that we’re still alive? Why should we run to unsafe valleys of fear and depression in search of some safety or certainty? Can’t we become a little brave and use this uncertainty and grieves as the causes to remain alive? We can dedicate our uncertain lives to bring some safety in lives of others, to save lives, to try to palliate their sorrows, to heal them. We can dedicate our lives to make human life certain, safe and predictable, with good outcome. The situations are unchangeable many times but we can try to heal and to avoid them to happen in the future. Science is there to aid us, and so is the art of our heart. Let it beat, no matter with whatever quantity of pain it has, but always make it to eject happiness with its every beat.

We can make the world happy… at least we can try it.

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