Wednesday, April 14, 2010

...let’s heal the world

Boundaries are ruthless, signs of our negligence. They’re for the politicians or for the religious divas, not for humans not for us. Science doesn’t follow boundaries of any region, religion, and even that o gender, so is the scientist’s work. The arts, the feelings, humanity and the expressions, everything is immune to the harshness of these borders… then why shouldn’t all of us? None of us have created the boundaries, then why should all of us follow them?

They’ve been created by some populations in the past, temporally (or in the time map) far far away from us and they divide us from the persons from our own era, whom we can see, feel and even touch; separated from us only by physical distance or that of emotional.

And we can’t erase them, at least now, at this moment. Alas, we can’t get up and take a big eraser and eliminate everything hindering the flow of our emotions. We can’t erase boundaries from the Earth… but we can erase them from our heart. We can get a big, beautiful universal or global heart, like the universal set in sets mathematics which incorporates everything but is a part of none.

Some will accept us, some won’t we shouldn’t bother, as all are our people. And we shouldn’t bother to dedicate our works, our attempts, and our sacrifices, to our people who share this universe with us. We shouldn’t allow these ruthless boundaries to entrap us and bar the waves of excitement, enthusiasm, and joy reaching to our hearts from all over the universe. Come on, let’s be universal; let’s eliminate the enmity, the hatred and create a healthy world. Come on, let’s heal the world.

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