Monday, April 12, 2010

A human who knows why to survive…

Tolerating, breathing but not ceasing to stay alive
I had got bored with the inertia of my life
The things used to happen in their own way
This made me search, why on this Earth I should stay

I used to stay staring the walls
Had nothing to do with life’s rise and falls
Buried in a ditch covered with transparent land
I always stared, but never could say hi to the stars in my piece of sky

I wanted to explode, to break free
But was diffused, I used to feel
Tired of waiting, but bothering to make a start
Once upon a time I had thought to go and see my heart
But the mirror of my life was shattered
And every piece reflected a tortured image of my mind

I had to find who I was and why
Like a tree, wishing to break the Earth
And reach the demanding my piece of sky
But finding self of mine was a poser even staying where I was; was much easier
I seemed a purpose difficult to understand
Not just a thing that occupies a small piece of land

My causeless thoughts also had a cause
And pause less breaths also had a pause
I had paused to my life to stay alive
And had caused my life to forget the meaning of being alive

When I found the meaning and the lost world of my life
I broke the cocoon and became free to fly
Widened was my piece of sky
And the stars were now mere parts of mine

Now I’m a star not confined to the sky
I’m a human who knows why to survive

I’m a piece of art expressing every heart
Or a beating that beats in every heart
I’m a tear of god’s pain and that of yours
I’ve to flow, never to stay in place…

I’m soothing as I flow
Give me your pain and all of your sorrow
And I’ll give you nothing but a smile
I want you to be happy, healthy and agile…

I’m a merchant to exchange happiness for grieves
A miracle to construct heavens in your dreams
I’m a shock to sensitize, a purpose to provide purpose to all purposeless lives
I’m a soul that wanders, and helps others to find their homes
Or I’m a ray of light that reflects every part of your mind
A burning fire that pacifies…

I’m a mystery unsolved since ages
And a history of all great sacrifices
A feeling of greatness hidden in depths of your heart
But I’ve been cloaked; just let me come out…

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