Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hidden page in a medico’s diary

Look at me, I’m a doctor to be, a medico studying MBBS in Govt. institute… look at me, I wear the apron, no matter how the environment is hot, and hang the stetho around my neck, as a garland for victory in the entrance exam… no matter it’s functioning or not. This looks gracious, I know… I know it has no other use. My ears are not yet trained to differentiate the heart sounds; I hear them even when the stetho is switched off. Tell the kids not to be scared of me; I won’t give injection, as I can’t hold the syringe. I confuse in subcut and intra-dermal, all I do is intramuscular. Never have I tried my hand in intravenous. Out of vein IV is a main problem here.

Look at me and my genius, I know nothing, still people call me a scholar. Look at me and my ambitious nature, except proper studies I do anything to be a topper. I repeat the parrot’s fission to score in the exams, if that fails I don’t hesitate to use cheats and frauds. I lure the post graduates, hang out with anyone, use my ‘X or Y’ factor, and attend and arrange ‘wet’ parties… only to know the questions before the exams, and to be favored in the oral exams. ‘Morals’ is a word not present in my dictionary… all I value is marks.

Look at me and my capacity to understand, I write FQs on lung cancer… but like my pathology professor, I too am a heavy smoker. Atherosclerosis, liver cirrhosis are present in the ‘markings’, but alcohol and fatty foods are the things I crave for. I don’t follow any of the physician’s principals, except the one saying, “never accept your fault.”

Look at me and my idealism, unlike the weak ‘normal’ creatures, I never flow away in emotions. As an ideal doctor, I’m apathetic to the pains of the patient, for me ‘It’s’ just a written case for exam. I have to suppress my laughter in ICU, and attend the labor ward with popcorns in my hand.

Look at me, I’m a to be doctor… and Beware of me, I’m tomorrow’s practitioner.

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