Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the ornament of the mind

They were earrings; golden, beautiful, shaped in the form of round baskets, intended to increase the beauty of two ears, no matter how the ears actually were. My mother had bought them for me, few years ago, when I was of age not to be able to differentiate between gold and brass or any other metal. And my ears were like me, meant to hear the soul of others; they could never bear such golden pressure. Waiting in the cupboard, tired, bored, the rings were craving to hang down from someone’s ears, still not daring to approach those of mine.

And now I told to sell them, refusing their generous help to improve the look of my hearing organs. I was called ruthless, cruel, a person lacking sense of beauty, stonehearted stone. They were not the rings, they were feelings, they said. And I felt it ruthless to keep money engaged in those shiny objects. The design, the shape, the attractive nature, and the expensiveness of the rings always fall short to explain the depth of feelings in my drawings and in my words building poems from my heartbeats; nor can they reach the height of knowledge, I wish to achieve.

Isn’t it inhumane to parade your insensitivity in form of that unused stored beautiful property, when there are people craving for their basic needs, when there are hospitals running out of facilities and when there are many researches pending because of lack of funding? I always feel that the quantity of numbness of anyone’s heart is directly proportional to the quantity of ornaments laden on her body.

For me, tons of gold and kilograms of diamonds are just impotent to give the pleasure that I get from extracting a true smile from a crying face. I might be an ugly stone hearted person for those rings, and for those who judge beauty in terms of shining… but my ugly heart always crave to bring beauty in the ugly corners of the society.

It’s not like that I’m blind to beauty and deaf to emotions, in fact I find beauty in bare old sunken ears, and sense unexpressed hidden treasure of emotions. No ornaments are essential to remind me of the love of my loved ones.

It’s not like that I loathe ornaments, I also wear them many times, but my ornaments are not golden. They’re invisible, something like an aura, an incomprehensible sensation. I like to wear courage, pleasure, and at least mask of optimism… my dedication, craving for knowledge decorate me, offer some beauty to me, no matter to what extent I am ugly. My desire to change the world, to make it happy… to build a fountain of smiles is more valuable to me than those earrings with golden feelings.

I want to build heaven on planet Earth… do you know, in heaven, gold is worth equal to that of the rocks and stones?

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